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Go Green, Build with Kodiak Steel

Kodiak Steel Green Building Options

We’re fighting climate change one steel building at a time…

As one of the strongest and most versatile materials on earth, steel is also a sustainable and environmentally-friendly building choice.

Providing durability and 100% recyclability, Kodiak steel buildings are designed to improve energy-efficiency and reduce the amount of materials necessary, making it a cost-effective solution for any project.

We offer a number of sustainable building options to help reduce your energy consumption and support green building efforts.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

All of our roof, wall panels, structural members, and other steel building components are virtually 100% recyclable when removed.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI), steel is the most recycled material in North America, with an average annual recycling rate of 70%.

Depending on the nature of your project, a Kodiak steel building contains between 25% – 60% recycled steel by weight to help with LEED credit MR 4.

In addition to resistance to fire, wind, and insects, our metal roof and wall panels last 40 – 60 years (on average), help reduce waste, and require little-to-no maintenance vs. other types of roofs.


Harness the Power of Solar Energy

All of our metal roof panels are designed to meet LEED and ENERGY STAR SR values, which are based on a material’s solar reflectivity (SR) or reflectance.

SR value (a number from 0 to 1.0) is the material’s ability to reflect solar energy from its surface back into the atmosphere (0 indicates total absorbance).

To determine compliance with LEED requirements, a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value is used. The SRI value is calculated according to ASTM E 1980 for reflectance and emissivity (the material’s ability to release absorbed energy).


Choose a Cool Roof Color

To reduce your energy consumption further, you can select one of our cool paint colors, available on all of our metal roof panels.

Using a cool roof color can provide big energy savings while also helping to mitigate urban heat islands*.

*An urban heat island (UHIs) is an elevation of air temperatures in urban communities, caused when vegetation is replaced by large sections of pavement or other dark, non-reflective surfaces. They influence the temperature of the affected area and are responsible for higher pollutants in the air.

Our cool roof colors meet both the reflectivity* and emissivity* performance levels required by LEED and ENERGY STAR to mitigate the cause of UHIs and reduce your building’s energy use overall.

*Reflectivity refers to the deflection of solar energy from a surface. The greater the reflective abilities, the less energy it will require to cool your building.

*Emissivity is the relative ability of a surface to emit heat by radiation. Like reflectivity, when a roof can effectively cool itself through radiative heat loss, it will reduce the amount of energy consumption for the entire building.


insulated metal wall panels - IMPS

Outfit your Building with Metal Insulated Panels

You can continue to reduce energy costs and consumption over an extended period with our effective insulation systems, providing a positive, long-term impact on the environment (and your wallet!).

Our insulated metal panels (IMPs) can improve your building’s energy efficiency, which is measured by an R-value*.

*R-value is the unit of measurement of apparent thermal conductivity, or the resistance of the flow of energy from warm to cold, and describes the rate that heat energy is transferred through materials. 

Using a special foam insulation, our IMP’s offer superior R-values for greater thermal efficiency (insulation with higher R-values will be more effective than those with lower R-values), which are ideal for temperature controlled buildings as they are both thermally-efficient and affordable.

Our IMP’s also prevent air leakage and water penetration through panel joints to further boost their ability to withstand any weather/element.

BONUS: Your insulated metal panels can be disassembled when no longer needed, and recycled or reused to create the structure of a new steel building.


Try our Retrofit Roofing System

If you are looking to achieve LEED Certification on an existing building, ask us for more information about our retrofit roofing system.

Using light-gauge framing in combination with metal roof panels applied over your existing roof, our retrofitting system can improve SR values and provide more efficient water runoff solutions.

In some cases, your existing roof materials can also be used as added insulation, further reducing landfill waste.

Designed for use on a wide-range of materials including steel, wood, or concrete, our retrofitting technique can also be applied on a new building as an affordable alternative to prefabricated truss construction.

Did You Know? Maintaining 75% – 95% of the existing walls, floors or roof of your building provides one to two points when qualifying for LEED Certification.


Say Goodbye to Waste and Build Green! 

When you choose to build with Kodiak steel, you can rest easy knowing that you are making an environmentally-sound building choice.

There is no waste from the manufacturing process through to the removal of your building.

Offering both economic and environmental advantages, all of our steel buildings are designed to save you time, money, and improve energy performance.

Get a free, no-obligation quote or call us toll-free at (844) 982 – 8453 to discuss your project today, we’re happy to help you meet LEED, Green Globes, or other building certification requirements.

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Which Steel Frame is Right for You?

Long Bay Steel Frame System

Kodiak’s patented steel framing system comes in 3 different styles, with a choice of single or double-slope, that can be customized and manufactured to your exact building specifications.

Each frame is made with precision-crafted, high-gauge steel in Robertson’s accredited manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing that it will fit together perfectly for a quick and easy assembly.

To help you better plan your next project, here is a quick overview of our steel frames and which building types they are best suited for.

Clear Span Frame

clear-span framing system

Our clear-span frame offers unlimited column-free space, making it a great choice for garages, workshops, and other large buildings that require large, open spaces.

Without the restriction of columns, you have unlimited design and space possibilities.

Most often used in warehouse and manufacturing facilities, this type of frame is perfect for accommodating material handling and crane systems.

Best suited for: Aircraft hangars, arenas, tennis centres, soccer centres, riding arenas, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, and retail stores.

Lean-To Frame

Lean-To Framing System

Primarily used as an economical way to provide additional space, lean-to frames can be used to add on to existing structures, or expand your business/office as it grows.

A lean-to frame typically has a single slope profile (no ridge) and straight sidewall columns (it must be supported by attachment to another frame).

This makes it easy to start with one Kodiak building, then expand as your needs grow.

Best suited for: Adding additional space for storage, farm, office, or retail in larger buildings. 

Multi-Span Frame

multi-span framing system

Most often used in building layouts that permit interior columns.

You can have consistent or varied spacing and accessorize with a variety of different wall and roof panels to meet your project requirements.

With a multi-span steel frame you can keep a large open floor space by using a minimum number of columns, for the easy movement of forklifts and other motorized equipment.

Best suited for: manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals, and retail stores.

Once you choose a frame, you can design the interior and exterior of your new building with your choice of insulation, wall panels, windows, doors, electrical, and a variety of other custom options.

Questions? Call us at (844) 982 – 8453 to discuss your project specifications or request a free quote.

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The Kodiak Building Process

We’re happy when you’re happy.

We’re not like some of the other steel building companies out there. We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, constantly hound you, or entice you with fake building sales.

We stand behind our quality, great reputation, and personal customer service with affordable custom steel buildings made by Robertson Building Systems, who have 150+ years as a leader in the metal fabrication industry.


Experience Makes Perfect

Providing steel building solutions for more than 25 years, our friendly, knowledgable building experts are here to help you get your project completed on time, within budget.

If you have a rough/exact specification of the size of your building, Kodiak’s project estimate is simple.

Give us your building specifications, and we’ll give you our best price…no-obligation, no strings!

Get your Free Quote Now >>


Our Building Process:

We’ll help you plan like a pro and get your building up in less construction time than traditional construction will take.


1. Design your Building

After you choose the size, type, and options for your new building, you’ll get a set of 3D dynamic drawings .

This way you can see EXACTLY what your new steel building will look like before its manufactured.

You can also use your 3D building drawings to obtain any necessary building permits faster and easier.


2. Manufactured to your Specification


With the design and drawings approved, we then manufacture your new custom building to specification.

Your building components are precision-crafted using industry-leading engineering to guarantee a smooth assembly and installation.

With plants across North America, our design-to-delivery turnaround time is one of the fastest in the business.


3. Ship to Your Door 

Kodiak Steel Buildings 2-Day Building Delivery Image

Because of our access to Robertson’s manufacturing facilities across North America, we can get your steel building customized, manufactured, and shipped to you quickly and reliably.

Once your metal building components are quality-checked, and ready to go, we’ll ship them directly to you at any location across Canada or the USA within 2 days.

No paperwork, no hassles.


4. DIY or Have it Professionally Installed

On delivery day (oh happy day!), you can start installing our easy-to-assemble components yourself, or make it an even quicker build with our affordable building erector services.

Our authorized team of expert builders will come to your site to pour the foundation, assemble, and erect your new steel building for you.

You can have your new Kodiak building up and running in days!


Quality Buildings, No Tactics

Kodiak Storage Shed Building

No pushy sales calls, no runaround. We find you the right steel building so you can get your project up and running quickly…and start enjoying all the benefits owning a Kodiak steel building brings.

Like unlimited space, low maintenance costs, protection from extreme weather, and lifetime performance.

Expert Building Support

Our experienced building experts work with you through to project completion to answer any questions, help you plan, save you money, and ensure you have a great steel building experience.

Ready to start building? Get a free quote or call us toll-free at (844) 982 – 8453 

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Why Kodiak Steel Buildings Are the Best Option For Charlotte

The American south: home to hearty meals, warm hospitality, smiles, and a fiery passion for college sports, particularly football.

Everyone is always seemingly happy because there’s a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures, and a relatively temperate climate throughout the year.

However, it’s important to take notice of another well-known part of America’s south: severe tropical weather.

Particularly in Charlotte, though it’s been struck by quite a few hurricanes to date, the area is more known for moist air and rainfall that can contribute to building degradation in the form of mold growth.

It’s not the easiest area in the world to build long-lasting buildings, but fortunately, pre-engineered steel buildings are here to answer the call.

Our steel buildings are able to withstand the fluctuating moisture levels in the air while remaining durable for years to come.

Here are some of the most important reasons why pre-engineered steel buildings in Charlotte are a must:

1. Wind Resistance:

When a hurricane does decide to come barreling through Charlotte, North Carolina, businesses are keen on buildings that can endure the shaky weather.

Since steel is one of the strongest naturally occurring elements on earth today, our metal buildings, equipped with two different frames atop a foundation, are able to withstand the blustery gusts.

2. Professional Engineering

Our Charlotte pre-engineered steel buildings have already been assembled through an intensive process that requires professional precision.

Every component of our prefabricated metal buildings is produced in a specially controlled environment that has been tested out to meet every client’s needs.

Since such precision goes into the development of our steel buildings, we are able to construct a sturdy structure in a fraction of the typical construction time.

3. Moisture Resistance:

Probably the most defining feature of Charlotte weather is constant moisture, a product of the nearby Atlantic Ocean and wind currents.

Moist air contributes to rotting, rusting, and mold growth, which can easily take down the tallest of structures.

Steel is naturally resistant to water, preventing rusting and the formation of mold over time.

As a result, building owners don’t need to worry about expensive repairs and constant upkeep on the integrity of the structure.

4. Durability:

Due to steel’s natural durability, pre-engineered steel buildings are guaranteed to last much longer than a wood or concrete counterpart.

As a result of the durability, they are a cost-effective option that will pay off down the road when building owners don’t need to invest in repairs and reconstruction.

Plus, they are relatively inexpensive as the manpower required for their development is far less than that needed for other types of building projects.

Invest In Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solutions in Charlotte

There’s a lot to worry about when choosing to build-out a new building: costs, labor, construction time, insurance rates, and structural integrity moving forward.

Instead of going with a building material that can succumb to Charlotte’s unpredictable tropical weather, go with the safe, pre-engineered steel building option using our expert developers today.

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Kodiak Steel – Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

metal wall panels


In this age of Hi-Tech it’s so easy to let the little things slide, and it’s usually the customer that loses.

We provide our customers with the Service and Quality they deserve.

When you’re buying a Steel Building it’s a financial investment and you deserve the respect and service that we provide to every one of our customers. 

The Steel Building we provide comes with years of history and experience so the Quality is there each and every time.

Call us today for more information about your new steel building….

Ph. 844-98BUILDIT (844-982-8453) 

All photos are buildings manufactured by Robertson Building Systems for various Robertson Dealers throughout North America