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With full project support from planning to completion, our building experts are here for you every step of the way.



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Frequently Asked Questions

For most building projects, you will need a building permit. In some locations, no permit is required to erect agricultural buildings.

As building codes change from state to state and province to province, it’s best to check with your local building inspector before starting your project.

Engineered drawings are included with your building so you can see every inch of your project before it goes to production.

Your pre-engineered drawings detail every connection used in your building, as well as the main frame, walls, and roofing structure.

These drawings will also give you all the information you need to plan for the foundation and assembly, making it easier to obtain any necessary building permits.

To ensure long-term building stability, building on a full foundation is recommended.

Depending on your building type, you may be able to forgo a full foundation and just use concrete piers for the columns.

If you are building on a farm, ranch, or other area with dirt, sand, or gravel floors, you can use a concrete pier system.

Ask us about the “base girt” option, which combines piers with concrete footing around the perimeter of the building.

A good foundation or pier system should be designed for the climate and soil conditions and in your area.

Our network of professional builders are experts in creating a solid foundation, offering professional foundation pouring services across the USA and Canada.

Speak with a Kodiak building expert today about our affordable installation options.

Depending on where you live, a foundation plan may not be required.

It is best to see what is required in your state or province before you erect your new steel building.

You will be able to use your anchor bolt setting plan and reactions to determine the required PSI of your concrete.

When the foundation is poured, you will set your anchor bolts in order to attach your steel frame.

Your anchor bolt plans will be delivered before your building is manufactured to help guide your foundation planning.

We do not include the anchor bolts as they are set when your foundation is poured.

Most building owners prefer to have their foundation completed before their building arrives so they can begin assembling immediately.

We will deliver your building drawings and anchor bolt plans to you before manufacturing your building, so you can plan your installation ahead of time.

If the foundation is adequate, there are several different anchor bolts you can use to attach your steel frame to an existing foundation.

Talk to a Kodiak building expert today about which options will be best for your project.

The foundation thickness will depend on the type of building, climate, and soil conditions.

For example, if you live in the southern half of the US, foundations tend to be 4 inches, while in northern climates thickness can exceed 8 inches. 

If you aren’t sure which thickness you should use, a Kodiak steel building expert can help you determine what type of foundation will be required.


Get your foundation ready before delivery so you can install as soon as your components arrive.


Install the frame, fasten roof and wall panels, add doors and windows, and your Kodiak is ready to go!


Insurance regulations prevent our delivery drivers from assisting in unloading.

You will be responsible for unloading your building, and will need lifting equipment.

Ideally, we recommend you have at least 3 people on hand to help you unload your steel building components. 

The type of equipment you need will depend on the size of your building.

A forklift, boom truck, or spreader bar is ideal as we limit our bundle weights to a maximum of 4000 pounds.

You can also break down the bundles into smaller loads if necessary.

All of our buildings are designed for easy, DIY assembly.

Ideally, you will want a few people on hand to help you, an

Our building experts are happy to guide you through installation, or we can  send out our professional team of erectors to get your building up quickly and efficiently.

As a part of our personal customer service, we offer We offer accredited building erectors across the USA and Canada.

Or we can provide fast and efficient building erector services to avoid headaches, delays, and ensure your building is completed on time. 

Speak with us to find the steel building erector near you,

All of our prefabricated building components are made with durable, high-gauge steel.

30 – 60% of the steel we use is made from recycled materials offering both durability and affordability.

As an authorized Robertson Building Systems dealer, all of our building components are precision-crafted in accredited Robertson manufacturing facilities across the USA and Canada.

Each building component is inspected and certified, and our quality assurance program ensures that every component we manufacture and ship to you can be assembled as planned.

Your turnaround time will depend on a number of factors, including your building type, size, and features.

Once your building has been designed and manufactured, we ship your components to you within 2 – 3 days to any location across the USA and Canada.

Kodiak buildings are designed for unlimited scalability.

Using our lean-to frames, you can add onto an existing structure or expand your building in the future as your need for space grows.

Our easy addition options suit many purposes, including self-storage, agricultural, warehouse, and commercial buildings.

Our buildings are virtually 100% recyclable and create no waste from the manufacturing process through to the removal of your building.

This helps conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact, while lasting longer than conventional building products.

They require little-to-no maintenance, and do not have to be replaced as often. 

Built to withstand any weather or climate, our buildings offer hurricane-rated components to